Farewell Oprah

I have to write this post.
I am sad beyond words that Oprah will no longer host her talk show.  
I grew up with her.  
I remember watching her after school, before dinner time for the past 25 years.  Really.  
I’ve been educated by her.
I’ve been in awe of her.
I’ve been angered by her.
I’ve laughed with her.
I’ve cried with her.  
But most of all, I’ve been inspired by her.  
To say that she has influenced the world is an understatement, and her everyday presence will be missed.
I will be a crying blubbering mess this week watching her final episodes.  I really am heartbroken.
I never got to go to a show, and it was a dream of mine!  🙁
Who didn’t love her Favorite Things shows?!

She introduced us to cutie-pie Nate!
And Dr. Phil!  (Love him or hate him!)
And Dr. Oz!

Her shows with Ellen were too hilarious!
And Gayle.  These two are a hoot together!

And all of her humanitarian efforts.  Such an inspiration to the world.

And I can’t let her go without remembering her way back when!  That set!  That hair!  Those outfits!
Good bye Oprah!  Thanks for all the years!  I’m going to miss you every afternoon!  
What will I watch now?!  😉

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    Maria (Magia Mia)
    May 25, 2011 at 2:11 AM

    My sentiments exactly. Great post…….*sniff*

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    May 26, 2011 at 4:38 AM

    Aw I am so sad too 🙁 It’s been a tough day! From the day I was born my mom laughed, cried, and was devoted to Oprah, and throughout my entire life I have followed in my mom’s footsteps! Oprah is my hero!

    Star Hughes Living

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