A Pretty Easter Table Setting

Create a Pretty Easter Table Setting in just minutes with a few simple decor pieces. And make a fresh carnation arrangement the star of your table!

I really enjoy Easter. I love the promise of spring that it brings, I love the soft colours, the Easter eggs, the chocolate!, the food, and the gathering of friends and family around the table to celebrate. It’s a lovely time of year.

A Pretty Easter Table Setting

Easter Food Ideas:

I especially enjoy the big meals that come with Easter weekend! From delicious brunches to Easter dinner, complete with ham, scalloped potatoes and all of the Easter desserts. Next to Christmas, this is my favourite time of year for food!

A Pretty Easter Table Setting

Set a pretty table for Easter.

These big meals also mean that I’m setting the table quite a few times. And I don’t want to set just any table, I want to create a pretty celebration table setting. One with fresh flowers, the special dishes and pretty linens.

A Pretty Easter Table Setting

Keep it simple.

But I also don’t want to make it complicated. I need to be able to put my table setting together in 15 minutes or less, because when I’m pulling the ham out of the oven and putting together all the last minutes side dishes, I do not have time to fuss with the table! So I try to have an idea of how I’m going to decorate ahead of time…I will make the flower arrangement the day before and even fold the napkins. It’s the little details.

How I put this Pretty Easter Table Setting together:

When I put together this Easter table, I really tried to keep it simple. I have a set of white dishes that I use for all of my special dinners, which I layered on top of a new table runner and some pretty teal woven placemats that I found at Winners. Then I added the cutest Bunny Napkins EVERRRRR! You can see how I made those in another post here. Hint…they’re SO easy and everyone will love them.

How to make a Bunny Napkin fold

Add flowers!

But my favourite part of this table setting is the pink carnation and Easter egg arrangement that I made for the centrepiece!  Sometimes, the only decoration a table needs is a bouquet of flowers.

A simple carnation arrangement for Easter.

Years ago I pinned a white and yellow carnation arrangement from BHG, and I’ve been wanting to make it ever since. This was the year. I made mine pink and white to complement the teal accents I had for the table. But quite honestly, the real reason I chose pink is because the pink carnations are what was available to me at the time. That’s the best thing about this arrangement though, you can use any colour that you like! Yellow is gorgeous, pink is pretty, white is lovely…the possibilities are endless!

Add eggs!

Then I finished off the arrangement with some Easter eggs. I chose not to decorate them with any dye because I thought the white was perfect. But you could have some fun with the eggs…dye them any colour that matches your table setting, or use this arrangement to display the pretty eggs your kids decorated. You just have to keep in mind that the dye will probably run because of the water in the dish for the flowers. Arrangement Tip! If you want to display decorated eggs, lay them on the top layer of the arrangement like in the picture below, that way they won’t get wet.

What you need to make this Easter arrangement:

  • a shallow dish with sides, like a cake plate (the one I used is a cake plate that is about 3/4 inch deep)
  • 2 bunches of carnations (mini or regular)
  • boiled Easter eggs (you can colour them, or leave them white)
  • water
how to make

A Simple and Pretty Carnation Flower Arrangement:

This is such a simple arrangement for any time of year. Just switch up the colours of the carnations to match the occasion!

  • Fill your dish about 1/2 full with water
  • place about 3 – 5 eggs in the centre of the dish
  • cut the stems of the carnations off just below the green receptacle and above the peduncle, as shown below (see image below from The Creation Wiki). You want to keep the green nub in tact, as it is this piece that will be in the water in the dish.
  • place the carnations into the dish, around the eggs, keeping the flowers tight together
  • fill the dish until no spaces are open
  • water as needed

And here it is!  A gorgeous arrangement that is SO EASY to make!

A gorgeous egg and fresh pink carnation centerpiece arrangement.

Smells and looks so pretty!

I absolutely LOVE how it turned out.  It’s such a gorgeous centrepiece…and it smells amazing.  Carnations have the most soft and lovely sweet smell. Don’t you think that carnations are such underrated flowers?! I mean, just look at their soft petals.

A gorgeous egg and fresh pink carnation centerpiece arrangement.

With this arrangement at the centre of your Easter table, you don’t really need anything else. I love the simplicity of it, yet it’s a showstopper.

Love this pretty pink flower arrangement for an Easter table setting!

Easter Table Decor Details

So that’s my Easter table setting. A simple and sweet setting that can come together really quickly, especially if you make the arrangement and fold the napkins ahead of time.

Pretty Easter table setting!

More Easter Table Setting Ideas

Here are a few more ideas that I have shared over the years for an Easter table setting:

PIN IT for inspiration later!

Have an inspired day!

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