Where in the world do I blog?

Do you ever wonder where people do their bloggin?
I always wonder this…
What does their space look like?
When does most of their blogging happen?
What do they look at?
Well, I thought I’d show you where all my magic happens!  ha ha!
Just where in the world do I blog anyhow?!
Well, first things first.
This is what I look like when I blog.  Not too interesting.  Not too fancy.
I’m not a fancy gal.
I will blog in the early morning with a coffee in hand, when everyone is still asleep, or during naptime, or late at night after all the kiddies have gone to bed.  Depends on the day really.

Bahahahaha!  This pic kills me!  
Hi!  😉
So, come on in to my blog spot!  

My blog spot space is a multi-functional space on my main floor.
It serves as an office, baby’s toy space, a library, a dance & music studio, wine cellar, and spare room.
I adore this space.  
It’s not fancy, it’s not Showroom material, but it’s a place where my little family finds itself clustered together quite often!  I write in here, we dance in here, we read in here, we house guests in here.

This is where I sit.  My screen blinds me.  Literally.  
(This is the influence of my graphic designer trained husband, who would prefer to burn my retinas with this enormous screen, than to have a regular size screen.  Go big or go home, right?  I just wear sunglasses.  It’s all good.)

On a side note, can you see the cute little cushion I made?  😉
Another view.  This is a quiet little nook, in a quite, pretty little space.
The rest of my house is very bright and white, but this room is chocolate brown as you can see, so it’s cozy.
(Hey, notice the I BLOG sign on my corkboard from The Blog Guidebook. It’s always there, I kid you not…)
This is where I write, search Pinterest, read blogs, get inspired…
And a view to the left of my blog spot, this is the baby’s playspace.
For picture purposes only, the toys are put away!
So that’s where I hang.
It is here that I fell in love with this Bloggyland.
I get inspired, I create, I get my fabulous on!
Thanks for reading!

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  1. Love this! It gave me alot of ideas for my own post….however!!! I wish I knew how to link mine to The Blog Guidebook! I’ve spent atleast 4 hours on it today!!! that I don’t have…anyway…if you can tell me any helpful hints…I would greatly appreciate it! Love your blog though!!!