How Do We Go Back to Business As Usual?

Back to business as usual?  How do we do that after the tragedy in Newtown, CT?  I certainly don’t know.

For the past few days I have basically unplugged from social media, I didn’t watch the news on TV, I just read a couple of articles on our local news…I’m not in denial of what has happened…I just can’t watch the sensationalization big network news is making of this tragedy.

There’s just so much sadness.  And my heart is heavy with sorrow for all the families with empty beds in their homes.  I have 3 children, 2 of which are in elementary schools.  Those kids, could have been my kids.  All kids are our kids.  I’m not making it my tragedy.  But this tragedy in some way is all of ours.

How do we go back to life as usual?
I have struggled with whether or not it’s appropriate to be publishing blog posts right now.  But I am going to.  Because we can’t let evil win.  We can’t let evil rule our lives.  We have to honour lives lost by living our best lives.  We have to live our best lives for our families.  I want to, have to, continue to bring inspiration to you.  To me.  What ever way I can contribute to making the world a kinder, gentler, more beautiful place then I will do that.

So after much thought, and many tears I have decided to continue with my Christmas posts.
But please know that I don’t publish them lightly.
I remember what happened Friday.  It’s in my heart.

I will remember, as I believe that we all must, that there is still goodness in the world.
We have to believe that to be true.
And we must let that guide our lives.  Find the good.  Contribute to the goodness.

Be kind to one another.

Love thy neighbour.

Have a light heart.

Believe in the good.

Live with honour.

Lift each other up.

Be a helper.




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  1. So true, we can’t let evil win. Yesterday was a celebration, one year since I almost lost a wonderful friend, one year of living for her, and she wasn’t comfortable celebrating in the midst of tragedy. I told her that she had to, she had to honor lives lost by celebrating lives saved and acknowledging struggles conquered.

  2. Love your words and I think most of us feel the same way. I want to believe 100% but know that is not trueas far as guns are concerned and hope the rest of us can be the majority in this world of good people. I hope our so called leaders can take the lead and make the change that is needed that is my wish for the New Year.

  3. Great post Jo-Anna and very well said! Friday I watched CNN until I had to pick my daughter up from school. The tears were right on the surface as I walked into her 1st – 4th grade school. She is in first grade and her classroom is the first one you come to when you enter the school. All of that was going through my head as I looked around at the kids walking in the halls. I was the only teary, red eyed mom there. It was kind of surprised me. As soon as I saw Adia walk out of her room I had to bit my lip to not cry. I gave her a big hug and kiss and as soon as we got outside I put my sunglasses on and the tears started. We talked on our walk home and I was in awe of her. So innocent and sweet. No clue aboutt evil had happened that day. She still has no idea what happened.

    I haven’t watched the news since Friday and we don’t talk about it in front of her. All weekend I’ve had to wipe away tears. Last night Adia lost her first tooth. When she was finally down for the night I cried thinking about all the little things those poor parents will miss. Soo sad! This tragedy has definitely made me cherish those little things even more.

    Thank you for your touching post today. I couldn’t bring myself to publish my fashion post on Friday, how trivial compared to what had happened. But you’re right, we have to get back to normal.

    ~ Catie

  4. lovely post and well said – I too have not had my tv on much – its everywhere – they need to let those people heal, get out of their town and leave them to their grieving. Stop saying “his” name and giving this act the publicity he wanted…they are doing exactly what he wanted them to do…the media hype is part of the reason they do this…they want attention – I say, don’t give it to them…

    My heart aches for those families…truly a tragedy.

  5. Beautifully expressed post. There is goodness and kindness and love in this world and in our hearts. The sharing of that makes all our lives more gentle and humble. Our kindness to each other and our prayers help us to see the light amidst the darkness.

  6. Perfect balance! A great post on the tragic moment and the realiy of living in these times. Hold this moment in your heart and at the same time celibrate the season.

  7. I feel the same way. I sat there all weekend trying to edit photos and I just kept going back and saying no I need to talk about this first. It’s a mixed bag of emotions thinking here let’s do a craft and yet other peoples children aren’t coming home to open their presents. It was just too much and it felt somehow disrespectful to the families. I do agree very much with all that you’ve written.

  8. I went to my son’s school with cookies for his birthday that afternoon and I have to admit, holding my K, 1st, and 4th graders a bit before school let out allowed me to breath again just briefly. I can’t imagine the loss these families feel and the breaking of their hearts hour by hour…it’s these moments of horror that cause us to think beyond our situation and look for how we can love and serve others!!! Your post is heartfelt and encouraging Jo-Anna! XO, Aimee

  9. Dear Jo Anna,

    Your words and pictures in regards to Newtown Ct are quite beautiful and heartwarming to know that so many others are thinking of and praying for the victims, families and friends of this ever so beautiful town. I live 30 minutes from Newtown and you cannot imagine what it is like here at this time. I pray that GOD will pick each of them up, hold them in his arms and carry them through this horrid tragedy. Thank you for your prayers. Joanne