A Pretty Lemon Christmas Centrepiece

With a few simple supplies you can put together the most simple and pretty Christmas Centrepiece!

You know how sometimes you throw some things into a bowl because you don’t know where else to put them, then you look over one day and realize that everything in said bowl actually looks really pretty?

A Pretty Lemon Christmas Centrepiece {A Pretty Life}

That’s how this centrepiece came about.  It’s true.

A Pretty Lemon Christmas Centrepiece {A Pretty Life}

I had one bowl overflowing with lemons, so I had a few strays that I ended up putting in this long wooden bowl that I keep on my dinner table.  And I had some pine cones and pieces of Christmas tree left over from another project I was working on, so I threw them in there too only because I didn’t know what else to do with them at the moment…let’s just be honest…I was too lazy to throw them out…

A Pretty Lemon Christmas Centrepiece {A Pretty Life}

Then one moment I looked over and…well would you look at that?!  How pretty!

A Pretty Lemon Christmas Centrepiece {A Pretty Life}

So I just lined up everything to make it a little neater, then added a few more greens and some cranberries.  Done.  It looks so fabulous on my table…a little festive bowl of sunshine.  Love.

A Pretty Lemon Christmas Centrepiece {A Pretty Life}

Again I say, simple is best.  It doesn’t have to be expensive or complicated or perfect to be beautiful.

Have a very Merry day!

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