Scrapbook Keepsake Book Tutorial

Make a Scrapbook Keepsake Book Tutorial using interoffice envelopes and scrapbook paper.  Use to hold keepsake pictures, recipes or anything you like!

A few years ago my Mom introduced me to this amazing book she made at a scrapbooking class. I fell in love.  It takes the plain old inter-office envelope, and makes it a thing of total beauty!  I have since made 4, I kid you not.  One for recipes.  One for gardening planning.  One for holding baby memories.  One for holding life dreams.  This one below is my garden planning book…isn’t she a thing of beauty?!

Scrapbook Keepsake Book Tutorial

I put together a tutorial here for you, and it’s lengthy.  It’s not for the faint of heart, but you will find that you will get into a groove, and it’s not as bad as it seems.  And the end result is so worth it!

Scrapbook Keepsake Book Tutorial

Here is what you will need to make your Scrapbook Keepsake Book:

  • 4 legal size inter-office envelopes
  • 8 – 12×12 scrapbook sheets of paper – each different – different patterns but matching colours
  • 3 feet of some type of string to tie it together – twine, leather, yarn
  • paper cutter or scissors
  • hole puncher
  • 4 brads
  • fabric hockey tape (beige)
  • glue

Here’s How-To Make Your Scrapbook Keepsake Book:

Step 1:  Cutting your paper

  • Using 12 x 12 scrapbook sheets of paper, cut off 2 1/4 inches.  This leaves you with 12 x 9 3/4 sheets, and strips of 12 x 2 1/4.
  • Then cut the larger sheets, along the 12 inch side, in half.  So they are now 6 x 9 3/4.

After your paper is cut, fold the envelopes in half lengthwise. Stack on top of each other, alternating the sides with the red ties.  This is the point where you have to lay out your book how you want your paper to appear. Alternate patterns and colours on the flat sides, the flaps, and under and over the red tie circle.

 This is where you use your 6 x 9 3/4 sheets to cover the smooth sides of the envelope.

Cut 4 of your 6 x 9 3/4 sheets to fit the lower section on the sides with the tie. Cut a triangle in the centre of your paper, and tuck under the red circle.


Cut your 12 x 2 1/4 strips to fit on top of the tie (you will need 4 strips). Again, cut a triangle in the centre of the paper, and tuck under the red circle.

Now add glue to the backs of your sheets.  Tuck back together.

Glued together.

Take a strip of your 12 x 2 1/4 inch sheets, and glue them to the tops and bottoms of your flaps (again you will use 4 strips).  Trim any excess paper.

This is how all your papers should look.

Another look.

When you are done glueing all of your papers onto your book, use the hockey tape to hold the book together. To do this, stack your envelopes, and wrap the tape around the middle/centre of your book. Then use your hole punch to punch a hole through all envelopes, about an inch from each edge. Run your string through the holes, to hold it together.

This next step is optional. If you want to be able to tie your book closed, then punch a hole on the top and bottom covers of your book. Punch a brad through.  See below for a close-up.

Use more string to tie it together.

There it is!  Now you can play with it, and embellish it as you wish!

If you are still reading this, and not fast asleep on your keyboard, then congratulations!  And thank-you!  If I’ve completely lost you, please don’t hesitate to e-mail me with your questions!

If you are interested, you can click here to see some more info on these books, and a peek at the ones I’ve made already.

Have an inspired day!

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  1. These are fabulous and thanks for the tute! I love making books out of envelopes but I’ve never made one with that kind and it’s so fun to have places to stash bits and be able to secure it closed. The paper choices are really good too! Thanks for sharing it at A Crafty Soiree!

  2. Wow, that is so clever! I’ve been looking into the “envelope system” by David Ramsey I think? And this would be the perfect way to get organized. Very very clever. Thanks for sharing and taking the time to post tutorials! I stopped by from the Crafty Soiree.

  3. They are just gorgeous!

    I used to be a fairly serious papercrafter, but I haven’t pulled out my supplies in about two years. I might give this one a go and see if it can jog my mojo back into gear!

  4. This is absolutely adorable! I can see why you’ve already made 4 of them!
    I love doing “mini” albums and made one with small envelopes before….but I like this one even better!
    BTW – thanks for the great tutorial – bookmarking this page!

  5. These turned out great! I think i will have to make me a few and some for gifts as well! Would love to have you link up to my Fantabulous Friday party this week!

  6. Hi! I’m stopping by from…The Shabby Nest…and I have become your newest follower! I love this scrap book and what a great tutorial for it…thank you!

  7. Hi there – I am in New Zealand – and we don’t have Hockey Tape here!! Can you tell me what brand you use and I can google it to try and find a substitute.
    Just wanted to say again – this is the neatest mini I have seen in a long time!!
    PS – I lived in Toronto for 9 years!

  8. I love this…even pinned it LOL I have seen so many things done with envelopes and although they are nice…not something I would make. However, this one, its great!!!! I was a scrolling to see how to get on mailing list…but don’t see a subscribe button…any assistance??? jmpresearch at gmail dot com
    IN mean time I will hang on to link and check back…I really want to take a long long look around..maybe on weekend with a big cup of tea!!

    1. Thank you very much! I really love these books too!
      You can subscribe by e-mail or rss or on Facebook – which ever way you prefer…just click on one of the icons at the top of my blog, for which ever method interests you!
      Thank you so much for reading!

  9. I stumbled upon your BOOK today on my lunch hour. LOVE LOVE LOVE it!!! I will be checking in on your Blog regularly and now know what I will be doing tonight!!! Can’t wait!!!

    thanks so much for the inspiration =)

  10. Hi there! I just stumbled upon this today! on my lunch hour too! LOL~!
    Well, i just want to ask …

    When I stack the envelopes on top of each other, alternating the sides with the red ties. and finish off by punching hole through all envelopes (in the center – the part that folds) and run a string through the holes (to hold it together) doest this mean that we will only have access to one side of the envelop – the side with the string?

    I guess now that I type this it kind of makes sense because that way the fatness of the papers i put in the envelope will offset with the empty side.

    I just would appreciate a feedback!


  11. I found this from Pinterest today. I think this would be great for saving drawings and artwork from my daughter over the course of the year, and other items. I’ve been looking for a way to keep all of her paintings and drawings together instead of cramming them into a drawer once new ones go up on the fridge. Beautiful book!

  12. Hi! This is so beautiful and such a clever idea. The two links to see the full tutorial and other books you made are not working, though. I’d love to see them. =)

  13. This is a lovely project. Looking at the side views, it looks like you wrapped each page separately, instead of stacking and wrapping them all together. Perhaps you’ve tried it both ways? Thanks for all the pictures.