Who knows where blogging will take you…

When I started blogging late last fall, I had no idea where any of it would go, if anywhere!  
I barely knew what a blog was before I started up A Pretty Life in the Suburbs!
Now it is growing into a thing of its own… 
It’s my happy place.  My creative place.  My inspiring place.
And so far, I love where it is all heading…
Earlier this year I was asked to submit an application to be a blogger 
with the Canadian on-line magazine, the Kit.
I thought, what?!  Ok….
So I applied.  I was accepted!  Whoa.
Today The Kit has relaunched, and my first post is on-line!
How petrified excited am I?!  
I love blogging.  I love my readers.  I love it all.
Oh the possibilities….

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  1. Congrats! It is nice when we just enjoy doing what we do with no big expectations and then it falls in our lap. Glad to see talent is recognized. Have a great day!

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