When Life Gives You Cookie Dough…

Nothing says Merry Christmas like a good old fashioned stomach bug!  While I am feeling better, yesterday my father in law spent the day in bed, and now today my hubby is in bed.  Not great timing I tell you!  But with 3 kids excitedly anticipating Christmas, life goes on.  So I braved the streets of Scotsdale, and took the kids out on another Target run!  I did get lost, but eventually made my way to my destination, and bought my hubby his gifts.  Even though Christmas isn’t starting out the way we imagined, we are making the best of it!  And since I am not at home, and am not in a well stocked kitchen, I am baking pre made cookies.  Gasp!  Just kidding!  They are so cute and yummy, and the kids love them!  Tis the season to go with the flow! 
Now, I’m just waiting for my holiday to start.
Till next time…

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    Kayla Sue
    December 21, 2010 at 9:27 PM

    I could eat a whole can of these cookies:) I’m a new reader, nice to meet you!

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    December 22, 2010 at 6:50 PM

    I didn’t know you were going to Arizona for Christmas – have a great time. Your blog just gets better and better, if that is possible…!

    Merry Christmas!

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