How to Make a Yarn Rosette Wreath

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With just a few simple supplies, you can make this pretty Yarn Rosette Wreath for your front door!  Have fun with colours and make it your own!


  • 16 inch styrofoam wreath
  • 1 1/4 balls of yarn (each ball measured 150m)
  • about 4 sheets of felt for the rosettes (in different colours)


  1. Start winding the yard around the wreath.   There are a number of options on how to do this.  I chose to do my winding quite precise, with each string lining up neatly with the next.  But you can make it more rustic if you wish!
  2. The tricky part about this type of precise winding is how the end parts didn’t match up – as you can see in the picture below.
  3. What to do!?  Don’t sweat it!  Even though they don’t match up, it still worked out okay, because I wound 2 layers of yarn around the wreath.  Once you have done 1 layer, at this point you can decide whether you need to add another layer.  Mine needed one, and as tedious as it was, it was a good decision.
  4. Here is what it looks like all wound up.  You can’t really tell where my little mess was.  And I ended up covering that spot with the rosettes anyway.

How to make the felt rosettes:

  1. Now for the rosettes.  I also made rosettes for my Christmas stockings.  But I’ll post this how-to again here, only because it is SO much easier to work with felt.
  2. Basically cut out a circle and make the edges wavy.  The bigger the circle, the bigger the rosette.  My largest flowers are made from 1 full sheet of 9×12 felt.
  3. Then cut a spiral in your circle.  For the largest flowers, I cut into the circle, a little larger than 1 cm.
  4. And wrap.  I make the centres tight, and get a little looser as I go. Once you have your rosette wound, use the little circle centre you are left with at the end of your spiral, and glue it to the bottom of your flower.  Then add them on to your wreath, as you see fit!  Get creative!

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