My Home Goals for 2012

It’s good to have goals!
I need them so I can focus and get things done!
And where is a better place to put those goals…the blog!
Having them ‘out there’ will make them happen!
It makes me accountable to myself, and
I truly believe if you put things out to the universe, they will happen!
So here are my home goals for 2012!

(You might remember from my New Years Post, that my word to live by this year is LIVE.)

I LOVE our home.  It’s bright and cheery.  It’s a family friendly home (no museum here).  It’s great for entertaining.  But I wish we had a 4th bedroom, and I hate our location…we’re on a busy road.  I have wanted to move into our forever home for quite some time now, but this year I have to get this thought out of my head.  The timing isn’t right.  So I am going to LOVE our home right now.  LIVE in it, and not keep thinking ‘oh we can’t do that because we aren’t staying here forever’.  We are here now.  Let’s get this house the way we like it, and fix all the little annoying things that need fixing.

Now for more detailed and fun stuff…
There are 4 areas in my home that I want to tackle for reals this year.
The Master Bedroom, The Laundry Room, The Bonus Room and The Basement.
I can do it!
For some reason our room has always been last on the to-do list.  It’s been a room for storage, it’s been a nursery, it’s been boring.  Plain.  Uninspiring and boring.  My biggest house goal for the year is to make this room pretty and fabulous!  And it’s the only room I really want to spend any money in.  Here’s how!

  • I’m in love with this colour scheme from Design Seeds.  I’m adding blue and white y’all!
  • Create a feature wall behind our bed.
  • Invest in new lamps & a duvet cover for our bed.
  • Keep it tidy and beautiful!  No more clean laundry piles and socks on the floor (Tobin…)
Our laundry room is our landing pad.  It’s where we come in from outside.  It’s where backpacks, coats, and shoes get dropped.  Oh, and I do laundry in here.  Many, many times a day.  It’s a room that’s dark and busting at the seams.  But it’s the size of a tunnel, and it needs to be more efficient and bright.
  • Some paint & cheer is in order!  Loving this colour palette from Design Seeds!
  • Add some storage.
  • Purge.
This room is our children’s hang out room and toy space.  And it is my nemesis.  It’s a disaster.  I can’t even look at it. This year I’m going to make some changes… And with as little money as possible.  My inspiration for this room comes from the bonus room at Beach House in the City…can you say gorgeous?!
  • I’m chucking out old toys.  Good-bye junk!
  • The shelves are going to get reorganized.
  • I’d like to repaint the walls and make it more cheery.  This might make the kids feel proud of their space, and keep it clean?  Is that even possible?!
And lastly….
I despise our basement.  It’s the place where everything ends up.  All the junk that we don’t want on display, but don’t want to get rid of goes there.  All the furniture that is ‘gifted’ to us from relatives, but we aren’t allowed to paint goes there to collect dust.  The cat stuff is down here.  Gross.
  • Good bye junk.  Don’t let the door hit you on the a$$ on your way out.
  • That’s it.  Dejunk.  Clean.  Paint floors.
So really not a lot to do eh?  ha ha
But seriously, we can do this (right honey?).  
It’s a manageable to do list, and I’m really excited to tackle it!  
We’ve actually just completed a big project…stay tuned!
I’m linking my goals over at Nester’s Home Goals Link!

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  1. I hate our basement too, Jo-Anna; but it is a basement and I am trying to accept this. It is a spot for Bandit and Lexus, and they need a “spot”. The spiders hopefully remain down there where they are suppose to stay, at least the big black hairy legged ones. My goal is to start decluttering the basement, it has always been such a “catch-all”, and the first place to see when you walk into our home … a very very huge goal for me in 2012 !

  2. Im loving your goals and cannot wait to see what you do! I tend to not love my house cause it still needs so much work(pre-foreclosure) and so much MONEY! I am hoping this year to love the little things about it and know it will be finished eventually!

  3. I love the color palettes you’ve chosen! And yes, these projects and goals for 2012 are totally do-able! Good luck this year. I love that your word for 2012 is LIVE! 🙂

  4. Those are excellent goals … and perhaps you can complete one by Jan 31 so that you could join in on our “Imagine the Impossibilities” challenge? I launched it this week with 5 other blog friends … it starts now and culminates in a multi-blog Jan 31 link party. You can read more about it here …


    Maybe you could join Kelly over at Eclectically Vintage and tackle your basement — she’s organizing 16 years worth of “stuff”!


  5. This is a really inspiring post! I can totally relate to neglecting the bedroom! Ours is the only room in the house that hasn’t been painted since we moved here. It’s dull and boring! Time for that to change. It’s also the place for the iron and ironing board, clean laundry piles, book case, etc. Too much un-prettiness.

  6. We bought our home as a temporary stop, while we looked for our forever home. 10 years later we are still here and its only in the last 12 months that I have accepted that we will be here a while longer! So i may as well work to make this our home and live in it as if it IS our forever home. I plan to redecorate the kitchen, livingroom and 2 bedrooms during 2012. Gulp!!!!

  7. Its great to have goals set! I have written down all of my home goals for 2012, but have yet to blog about it! Can’t wait to see what you do this year! Looking forward to following along!

    p.s. I also LOVE that room from beach house in the city! So pretty!

  8. I’m in the same position, 3 bedrooms and I want to move! But since we bought a pool only a year and a half ago it seems we will be in our 3 bedroom (no basement, we’re in Florida!) home for another two years at least. With a baby on the way and two little girls I need to get creative and organize better. I like your style and color scheme. I look forward to seeing what you do with your home as I live in the moment in ours.

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