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Let’s Make Juice!

I love January!
I love the Christmas-clutter free house.  I love that the kids are back to school (haha).
I love the winter.  And the fresh start the January seems to offer.
I always seem to feel more focussed on everything in January.
And like a lot of people I like to resolve to get healthy.
But I have never really been the type of person to diet…it’s just not my style…
and honestly, I don’t have the willpower even if I wanted to!
I do love to get out our juicer and make juice though!
It’s fresh, full of goodness and sooooo yummy!

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  1. Best and only healthy option of juice intake is by making it yourself. Growing up my grandma (who lived with us) or my mom would just to to our backyard and pick fruits from the trees and make us juice. I sure miss those days. I can’t diet either, I just stick to working out and having a balanced diet which includes “sweets’ once in a while.

  2. OMG I just juiced with friends yesterday!! So ironic!! We had carrots, cucumbers, celery, apples and grapes… super healthy. Esp. for breastfeeding moms like me 😉

  3. Aside from water, juice and smoothie is best for me. I dislike beers and wines but I do drink them occasionally. Mango smoothie is one of the best smoothie for me.

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